The Black and White Box

2019. Gelatin silver prints, single copy.

“The Black and White Box” is a project that was born in August 2019 (after a traffic accident whose physical aftermath forces me to stay away from work for a long time), and which consists of chemical and graphic explorations made from some negatives of the people I’ve portrayed over the years.

It all starts with choosing a negative from the box where they are stored, reproducing its positive and then letting things happen; between passages from negative to positive I intervene with the intentional use of double exposure, light leaks inside the camera during the developing, the deposit of silver salts on the photographic paper, overlays with objects, the use of the mobile screen Etc.

During these manipulations I live the process and observe what happens inside and outside me in search of the unexpected: there are no rules, only images that are born of a flow of movements and that are constantly changing until an encounter arrives.


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