My name is Barbara and I am a visual artist specialized in photography who works and experiments mainly with analogic media, using especially ancient photographic techniques and developing processes.

I was born in 1978 in Brescia, Italy and have been living in different countries.

In 2006 I established in Barcelona where I started studying black & white printing and developing techniques for photos and photomontage in a darkroom environment and immediately I fell in love with that magic world that marked my direction.

In 2009 I started a darkroom project with some friends at Taller Milans, a creative platform for artists; in this space I have been working 6 years on my personal projects and research, experimenting with the historical photographic process of gum bichromate, cyanotype, VanDyke, carbon transfer, salt and albumen print. In 2012 a group, “Las Chicas de Talbot”, was consolidating in this space and for three years we focused our research on the wet plate collodion technique.

In my images I seek to explore life’s unanswerable questions; photography as a means of self-expressions and a possibility to reflect, to seek, to explore my interior and my innate connection with nature.

Inspired by natural history and mythology, I love to spend my time in unspoiled landscapes. From the view of the natural world as a place alive and enchanted I often come back with images that narrate in poetic form my journey made of imaginative, mysterious and sacred stories.


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