The Black and White Box


2019. Gelatin silver prints, single copy. “The Black and White Box” is a project that was born in August 2019 (after a traffic accident whose physical aftermath forces me to stay away from work for a long time), and which consists of chemical and graphic explorations made from some negatives of the people I’ve portrayed […]


Motion Study

2015. Gelatin silver prints. Lithographs and engravings. Movement is not explained by sensation, but by the elasticity of sensation, it’s via elastica. – Gilles Deleuze, Logique de la sensation

Individuality. Self Portrait as Motion, Space, Camera, Scanner.


2014. Cyanotype and gum bichromate prints, single copy. Visible y móvil, mi cuerpo se cuenta entre las cosas, es una de ellas, está prendido en el tejido del mundo, y su cohesión es la de una cosa. Pero, puesto que ve y se mueve, tiene a las cosas en círculo en torno a sí, ellas […]

Sogni o BiSogni – Le Origini –

Le Origini

2012. Series of gum bichromate prints, single copy. 16 images Size: 170 X 120 mm   About “Sogni O Bi-Sogni”: “Sogni O Bi-Sogni” are 4 short photographic story that aims to explore the tension between the external (public spaces in Barcelona) and the internal (the privacy of my home). The two roads are intrinsically linked […]

Mostri e Ballerine

Bomarzo Parco dei Mostri

2011. Mostri: Series of gum bichromate over cyanotype prints, single copy. Ballerine: Series of gum bichromate, single copy. Size: 270 X 200 mm  

Sogni o BiSogni I


2009. In the crane’s forest.            

Sogni o BiSogni II


2011. Behind the curtains.

Sogni o BiSogni III


2013. Zoetrope.